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Press Release-Superstar Gong Li Is New Celebrity Face Of Healthy Lifestyle Specialist OSIM

BackJan 16, 2003
Kuala Lumpur, 13 January 2003: Malaysians will get to see Gong Li these days as she takes up a new role - as the new celebrity face of global healthy lifestyle leader OSIM International.

The award-winning actress will endorse OSIM healthy lifestyle products and feature prominently in the marketing of OSIM products in Malaysia and worldwide.

OSIM International Group chairman and chief executive officer Dr Ron Sim introduced China's superstar to the media at the Mandarin Oriental here today.

"Today marks an exciting new phase in OSIM's marketing strategy. We wanted an international figure with a certain 'star' quality; someone who can identify with the Asian market, yet recognized by the rest of the world. Gong Li fits the bill. Her international appeal will help cement OSIM's globalisation" said Dr Sim.

"Gong Li represents the modern Chinese woman - beautiful and strong, with a touch of elegance - something many women aspire to, and every man appreciates. Like OSIM, she believes in keeping a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy image.

"We wanted someone with international appeal who shares our philosophy that health is an attitude to life. Again, Gong Li fits the bill," said Dr Sim, who founded the company that partly carries his surname. The letter "O" symbolises his vision to go global.

Asked about her new role, Gong Li said: "OSIM's philosophy of health is an attitude to life is something I can identify with."

"People are more health conscious today and are advocating healthy lifestyle. I believe in balancing work and relaxation. One without the other will lead to an imbalance in one's life."

"After a busy filming schedule, I like to shut myself away to refocus and restore my energy. I am glad to help promote this message for OSIM," said Gong Li, who made her acting debut in the international award-winning Red Sorghum in 1987.

She went on to star in over 20 films, including Raise the Red Lantern, Farewell My Concubine, The Emperor and the Assassin and Lifetimes.

OSIM, which was ranked among the Top 200 best small companies under US$1 billion by international business magazine Forbes Global, first entered Malaysia in 1992. Today, OSIM has 57 outlets across the country. It is listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the "Largest healthcare equipment retail chain".

OSIM is also the number one brand (ranked by ACNielsen and Gallup) in the healthy lifestyle category in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan.

At the press conference Sim was upbeat about OSIM's future in Malaysia. "We see a growing market in Malaysia where rapid socio-economic progress and the government efforts to promote adoption of healthy lifestyle have led to Malaysians becoming more health conscious, he said.

He added: "We are delighted with increasing demand for high quality healthy lifestyle products during OSIM road shows throughout the country and our OSIM outlets. We hope to achieve growth rate of between 30% to 50% for Malaysia this year."

In terms of global performance, for the first nine months of 2002, we achieved a group turnover of RM364.56 million, representing a 41% increase from RM259.35 million for the same period in 2001. We are targeting an annual growth rate of between 20% to 30% for the group in the long term.

On Gong Li's endorsement of OSIM products, Sim said: "It is also a signal to our investors that we are putting our plans into action and taking a quantum leap in our growth strategy."

OSIM is a global leader in healthy lifestyle products. It has operations in 18 countries in Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, UK and USA. Its overseas operations constitute the bulk of group turnover, and this is expected to increase as the company continues its marketing roll out.

About OSIM International Ltd
OSIM International is a global leader in healthy lifestyle products. The group maintains more than 388 outlets in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, UK, Australia, USA and Canada. It is the leading Asian brand for healthy lifestyle products.

OSIM's strong global presence is warranted by the international appeal of its corporate philosophy, "Health is an attitude to life", and ensured by its vast range of high-quality home healthy lifestyle-related product lines under its focused categories:

Health Focus: Making the right choices and managing a healthy lifestyle. Hygiene Focus: Clean air, clean water and clean environment for your home and office.

Nutrition Focus: Supplementing your daily nutritional needs for a balanced diet.
Fitness Focus: Bringing the convenience of fitness to the comfort of your home.

OSIM's corporate identity reveals its international, progressive image with the three colours of the arc symbolizing the quest for global expansion covering sky (blue), land (green) and the vibrancy of light and spirit (orange). The OSIM name represents the company's global (O) position and the name of its founder (Sim).

Established in 1980, OSIM is a niche marketing company with a focus on the consumer. The Group is innovation-driven and is an IP (intellectual property) developer. OSIM uses innovative sales approaches and constantly enhances its innovative capabilities to produce successful products with superior designs, features and quality. As an IP developer, OSIM controls its brands, designs, technologies and concepts.